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'Stop a road douchebag': Muscle men lift poorly parked car

2017-06-06 12:28

MOVE OR ELSE WE MOVE YOU! Russian youths move poorly parked vehicles with the help of beefed- gym enthusiasts. Image: Youtube


A Mercedes-Benz driver was forced to enter his car car via the boot after two motorists took revenge for his poorly parked hatchback.

Russia - "Stop a Douchebag" is a Russian road safety movement that attempts to enforce traffic laws.

The aim is to make motorists aware of their bad road behaviour and confront law-breakers.

Car lifting by hand

In its latest clip published on YouTube, the group teamed-up with a group of huge, muscle-clad fitness enthusiasts to help enforce good road behaviour.

In the clip, the group spot a poorly parked car and proceed to lift and place the offending vehicle in a less dangerous position.

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Hilarious reactions 

When approached by the presenter and the muscle men, one driver calmly said: "So they recruiting athletes now?", having a chuckle in the process before finding a different place to park. 

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See some of the drivers reactions in the video below:

Previously, the guys involved in the movement would place a massive sticker on the windscreen that reads: "International movement against rudeness on the roads, stop a douchebag".

Nevertheless, they wanted to see how drivers would react to mean-looking bodybuilding guys while approaching those who park illegally. 

See yet another hilarious interaction below: 

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