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So you've just been in a car crash? 10 mistakes to avoid on our roads

2018-03-02 14:00

ACTION NEEDED: The AA says that greater action needs to be taken to curb SA's horrendous road death toll. Image: iStock

Law For All

Johannesburg - Accidents happen when you least expect it and crashes are a sad reality that SA motorists face on our roads.

Unfortunately, how to deal with a crash it is not something drivers are prepared for. When an accident occurs it is better to be in a knowledgeable position, especially as there may be legal consequences. 

Consequences of actions

According to Managing Director at LawForAll, Adv Jackie Nagtegaal, motorists might not be in the right frame of mind or think rationally when the adrenaline and shock kicks in after a crash.

"It’s crucial to bear in mind that how you personally react to the situation and what you do afterwards could affect the outcome of a claim with your insurance company or should you decide to sue for damages", says Nagtegaal. 

Have you been involved in a road crash? What was your experience? Email us

Here are some tips that will help motorists to navigate through a tricky accident situation: List by LAW FOR ALL


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