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Slow drivers in the fast lane 'should be fined' in SA - say 8000+ readers

2017-09-15 11:34

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Janine Van der Post

Cape Town - While persuading drivers to obey the speed limit is an essential part of road safety, it's also important for drivers to understand the importance of speed differentiation - if you're slow in the fast lane you can cause a dangerous situation.

Managing director of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, said: "If you are driving at 80km/h in the ‘fast lane’ of the highway and other drivers are coming up behind you at speeds of 120km/h, maybe even faster, you are creating a very dangerous situation. While 80km/h is the minimum speed limit, and therefore legal, it is still not the safest option in the fast lane."

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Voting booth

We asked our readers in a poll what they think of slow drivers using the 'fast lane':

'It causes unnecessary congestion' - 3792 votes, 24%

'They should be fined for creating unsafe road conditions' - 8328 (53%)  

'I usually overtake and return to the fast lane' - 1777 (11%)

'Not a problem, it's speeding drivers that are the real issue' -  1794 (11%)

Wheels24 readers share their driving pet peeves:


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