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'Please shut up now!' This Durban policewoman takes no nonsense

2016-10-18 08:01

RESPECT THE LAW: A Durban policewoman is filmed during an argument with a driver. What do you think of her attitude? Image: iStock

Durban - Remember Clive Naidoo? The businessman who filmed an argument with a sassy policewomen only to have it backfire?

A clip posted by CICA Crime Intel is reminiscent of Naidoo's behaviour as it shows a driver recording an altercation with a policewoman in Durban.

This clip should serve as a reminder that while you have the right to film officers (and should), make sure you're on the right side of the law when doing so, unlike the driver in this video.

Arguing with SAPS

In the video, a policewomen can be heard telling the driver that his car 'is not roadworthy'. Despite raising her voice she remains composed throughout the video.

According to CICA: "After getting insulting and uncooperative with the 'LEO' he was reportedly restrained in the SAPS van until he agreed to cooperate and call a tow truck to take his vehicle." 

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"Once released from the handcuffs he decided to start videoing this SAPS LEO and then later posted it to social media crying about how unfair she was and insinuating that she only wanted his unroadworthy vehicle towed because she was getting a cut from towing companies.

"By the way we love this female SAPS LEO's no nonsense approach - you go girl - we need more like you. CICA salutes you."

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Good cop, bad cop: SA traffic video goes viral!!!

Know your rights

The video recorded in Durban also highlights the importance of knowing what your rights are at police roadblocks and whether motorists have the right to film authorities.

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