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Dicaprio's Mustang, Clarkson's Cortina - 23 first cars of stars

2016-03-09 09:58

AMERICAN MUSCLE: Ford's iconic Mustang is a popular 'first car' for many celebrities, including Oscar-winner Leonardo Di Caprio. Image: Newspress

Cape Town - Most people are lucky to own a car during their student years or perhaps receive their first ride while in high-school (provided they had a valid driver's licence of course).

If you're really lucky, you might own a true automotive treasure. Regardless of whether it's a clunker or a well-maintained classic, it's hard to forget the effect your first car has on your life.

First cars of stars

Our fascination with cars extends to celebrities. From film stars to musicians, what were their first cars?

The guys at CarDealerReviews  compiled a cool list of 23 'first cars' of stars.

You might be surprised to know that Beatles legend John Lennon's first car was a Ferrari 330 GT and that veteran talk show host and car collector, Jay Leno, owned a 1934 Ford pick-up.

Hammond and Clarkson's first cars

Former Top Gear hosts, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond, owned a Ford Cortina 1600E and a 1976 Toyota Corolla respectively. Hammond, reminiscing about his car, said: "I crashed into another car. It was old, fragile and never really worked again. It was heart-breaking."

Music star Miley Cyrus' first car was a Porsche Cayenne, in fact it wasn't her first choice: "I didn't get the one I wanted but I got the old car which wasn't so bad because it was a Porsche."

What was your first car? Email us about your first car (along with images) and we'll publish your story on Wheels24.

23 first cars of stars:

First Cars of the Stars

Infographic by: CarDealerReviews


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