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Here's how easy it is to hack a car

2017-01-11 14:17

HACKING THREAT: As vehicles become more connected security measures will have to be in place to deal with the looming threat of hacking. Image: iStock

Cape Town - In a world defined by how connected we are, modern cars are no longer just transportation devices but are as connected as smartphones. Many vehicle systems can be operated remotely and criminals have capitalized on this by compromising vehicle security through hacking. 

In 2013, the US Pentagons advanced research projects agency accrued the services of two hackers to discover the security vulnerabilities in automobile systems. 

The guys at Selectcarleasing.co.uk has created a cool infographic highlighting cyber car-jacking.

Selectcarleasing.co.uk said: "With Cars becoming more like smartphones nowadays, we thought we'd take a look at the growing concern of Car hacking, a phenomenon that's sending chills up motorists' and manufacturers' spines across the globe, more efficiently than any air-conditioning unit ever could.

"However, perhaps even more importantly, we will tell you what the world's governing agencies are doing to help eradicate car hacking and what YOU can do to prevent your car from being hacked."

Here are 5 ways to be hack-proof:
1 Familiarize yourself with your vehicle's wireless systems. Can they be operated remotely?
2 When buying a new car make sure the vehicle has cyber security measures in place.
3 Make sure you repair/service your vehicle at a reputable garage/dealer. Some dubious establishments might compromise your vehicle's security measures.
4 Protect your information. Don't leave documents or passwords in your vehicle
5 Be wary of after-market devices that require access to your vehicle's systems.

Check out the infographic below:


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