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#FordKuga: Readers 'wary of buying' Fords

2017-01-19 07:32

TAKEN TO TASK: Ford South Africa's reputation has suffered following a recall of 4556 Kuga models after several fires were reported emanating from the engine bay. Image: QuickPic

Cape Town - Following the announcement by Ford South Africa on Monday (January 16) to recall 4556 Kuga models after several units suffered engine bay fires, we asked our readers if the Kuga-fire saga would put them off purchasing a Ford in the future?

Our homepage poll  received over 20 000 votes - 41% of respondents said they "would be careful when considering whether to purchase a new Ford". 

39% of readers said the fire saga had put them off buying Ford products entirely, while the remaining 20% said the recall illustrated that Ford was concerned about the safety of its cars.

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On Tuesday, News24's Jeanette Chabalala reported that the family of Reshall Jimmy, who died when his Kuga burst into flames, will be pursuing a class action lawsuit against the vehicle manufacturer, the family's lawyer Rod Montano said.

Ford has come up with excuses to protect their brand instead of giving the family closure, says a relative of Reshall Jimmy who died when his Ford Kuga caught fire in December 2015.

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The automaker says with this safety recall, all affected vehicles, including those that have already been checked, must be taken to a Ford dealership as soon as possible. This safety recall comprises two stages.

The first stage involves replacing affected components on the cooling system, verifying and updating the software and conducting an oil leak check on the cylinder head.

View the News24 poll results here: 

Did Ford's recall of the Kuga model put you off buying Ford vehicles?

Yes, I will never buy another Ford. 39% 9041 votes
No, recalling it showed that Ford is serious about the safety of their cars. 20% 4670 votes
I will be more careful when considering to buy a Ford. 41% 9599 votes

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