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Avoiding hijackers, baking hacks, and baby names: 7 lifestyle stories you shouldn't miss

2017-05-20 07:00

RAPID REACTION:A video shows a Porsche 911 driver speed away from a possible hijacking.Image:CICA

Rouel Van Nelson

Johannesburg - CCTV footage outside a house in Houghton, Johannesburg captures the moment a Porsche driver manages to thwart hijackers in broad daylight. 

The video, uploaded by civic group 'Crime Intelligence & Community Awareness' on May 12 shows a Porsche 911 pull into a driveway, travelling a couple of metres behind the sportscar is a BMW 3 Series. The Porsche makes its way to the gate of the house while the BMW stops in the road and then reverses to block the car. 

An armed man in the BMW jumps out and points the firearm at the driver who quickly reverses out of the dangerous situation and speeds past the BMW. 
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