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Guess what's in this electric cop-car fleet

2015-09-14 14:37

0-100KM/H IN 3 SECONDS: The Los Angeles police has added the rapid Tesla S P58D to add to its fleet. The city has vowed to have the 'largest all-electric police fleet' in the world by 2016. Image: LAPD/ Twitter

Los Angeles, California - In 2016, Los Angeles will have the "largest all-electric police vehicle fleet" in the world, the Verge reports.

California, known for their progressive laws on emissions standards, with the state's most popular iconic city Los Angeles currently using 23 electric scooters and three fully electric motorcycles in the city's fleet.

Largest city-owned fleet of electric cars

Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti's plans to incorporate more electric vehicles into the fleet range from requiring that EV's make up half of the light duty fleet by 2017, and 80% of the city's fleet purchases by 2025.

The Los Angeles police department received two EV's which are perhaps a bit cooler than the rest of the fleet: a BMW i3 and a Tesla Model S P58D.

The i3 charges to 100km/h in 7.2 seconds and the P58D takes just three seconds to hit 100km/h. Bloody quick, don't you think?  

Some residents asked if it was a wise choice: 

Drag race: Tesla S P58D vs Ferrari F12

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