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Golf cart pricier than Porsche

2013-03-04 09:25

IT COSTS HOW MUCH?: Luxury doesn't have to come to an end when parking your Mercedes at the golf course. This new golf cart has been made with wealthy golfers in mind.

LONDON, England – As if playing golf couldn’t get any more posh, a new golf cart has been created which is being compared pricewise to a luxury sports car.

The London Daily Mail reported that, with the leather seats, alloy rims and carbon-fibre body, the new Garia Mansory Currus golf buggy has many of the features that will please wealthy golfers while also being found in their cars.


Want to buy one of these? You will need to fork out the equivalent of about R684 000 - as much as a Porsche. What’s more is that only seven will be produced, talk about exclusive.

The buggies, which have a top speed of about 60km/h, will cost more than a 284km/h Porsche Cayman S - and almost 10 times as much as a standard golf buggy.

According to the Daily Mail, the road-legal golf cart is powered by lithium batteries and has a range of 60km - well in four a couple of rounds. It comes with three driving modes - golf, street and race - which adjusts its top speed and acceleration.

Anders Lynge, designer and creative director for Garia, said: “The Garia Roadster is really the closest you get to a golf cart version of your favourite luxury sports car. We were inspired by the sense of freedom and joy you get from riding a sports car and we wanted to translate that experience to the golf car.”

The golf buggy, which has two seats and holds two bags, will make its global debut at the Geneva auto show.

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