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Tiburon gets a radical nose job

2010-10-07 08:31

LOOK AT THAT: An Aston DB4 Zagato inspired front, driven by Korean mechanicals.

There are few things as desirable to true petrolheads (and design trendoids) as a coach-built coupe, cars (some of them one-off) that showcase everything good about premium car design.

Think Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato and Ferrari P4/5. Think Pininfarina. Think Bertone. Think Galatea.

Say what? Yes, Galatea.

If wish to customize your South Korean coupe (the second-generation Hyundai Tiburon) then Galatea hase a killer body kit.

Galatea designer (a rather loose use of the term) Robert Fechtmann designed the kit that should ensure you never mistake your Galatea Tiburon for a standard one at the shopping mall car park.

All parts included

We could say nasty things about the glass fibre materials, tri-cluster headlights (without covers) and gaping lower air-intakes (which replace the standard bumper), yet there is a peculiar appeal to the sheer madness of Galatea's kit.

Retailing for R35 000, it includes all parts (lights, new ‘bumpers’, fenders and bonnet), yet customers have to fit it themselves. This exercise should guarantee ample opportunity to really appreciate each and every detail of the Galatea styling enhancements.

The bokit’s fringe appeal? Entering the Galatea Tiburon (which is shaved of its Hyundai badging at a local Alfa Romeo concourse meeting and actually winning a prize...

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