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Rupert clears rare Ferrari crash

2008-11-05 10:02

The owner of the Franschoek Motor Museum Johann Rupert shares the details of his son's crash in a rare Ferrari F50 on the Franschoek Motor Museum website www.fmm.co.za.

"Fellow Petrol Heads,
The press has been full of wild speculation about our son Anton, "writing off" the museum's F50. This is simply not true.

Herewith the facts.
Firstly, we are extremely relieved that nobody sustained any injuries of any kind. This is any parent's only concern. Secondly, the F50 has NOT been "written-off" as the press have stated.

The garage report states: "The Tub, engine, gearbox, doors, right rear panel, engine cover, rear wing, front left suspension, right rear suspension, headlight clusters rear lights, up rights stub-axels, drive shafts and brake assemblies all appear to be undamaged. The largest extent of the damage is carbon fibre body parts and rear left suspension and front right suspension radiators and oil coolers.

Three rims and all the tyres will have to be replaced."

The car will therefore be repaired in South Africa.

Clearly, the press reports have been wildly inaccurate – wrongly suggesting some high speed accident. But, I suppose, the facts should never interfere with a "good story."

As we are all aware, cars that are not driven regularly, suffer irreparable damage. The museum cars are therefore driven often.

I have thus asked a number of people that I trust (including my son) to drive the museum cars. This has been going on for well over a year.

Therefore, if anyone has to be blamed, it is me. But I do not think I chose the drivers incorrectly.

Anton has done an advanced driving course and has been my co-driver in two Mille Miglia's. This race, as we all know, entails driving fast cars that are at least fifty years old. These vehicles therefore have no disc brakes, traction control or ABS and are notoriously hard to handle. He drove brilliantly, during very difficult conditions, as anyone who has competed in this 1,000 mile race can confirm.

My wife and I are very proud of our three children. Despite growing up under an inevitable spotlight, they have all coped very well. They are not spoilt brats.

Anton normally drives an eight year old, second-hand Toyota.

Johann Rupert.

PS: I did far worse things at Anton's age, often involving an Alfa Romeo Gulia Super. I am afraid that it is probably in the genes. Finally, even my good friend, Sarel van der Merwe, badly pranged his dad's Porsche whilst still at school."

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