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Armed Robin takes aim at Clarkson

2012-06-12 11:57

TAKE THAT CLARKSON: Bernard Reeves (bottom left) hopes to end ridicule towards the Reliant Robin by creating a unique war machine that's at home on the battlefield as it is on public roads.

A retired restoration specialist has decided he has had enough of Top Gear's ridicule of the Reliant Robin. Bernard Reeves spent six months converting the quirky three-wheel vehicle into one of the most bizarre military-styled models yet.

We've seen military Jeeps and a cannon-mounted on a Vespa, but it takes a really passionate fan of the tiny car to create a weaponised version.

Reeves' months of tinkering have produced a "Rugged Robin" complete with tank-treads and weapons and is capable of 80km/h over wet ground. Those who would make of fun of Reeve's modified Robin should think twice as the vehicle sports a Browning 50-calibre machine gun, a Vickers machine gun and two sub-machine guns!


According to the Daily Mail, the modified war machine is still powered by its original 850cc engine but has a number of parts from other vehicles. The rear axle is from a Bedford van, gearbox mounting borrowed from a Land Rover, a front wheel from a Hillman Imp and suspension coils from a Honda 90.

Reeves told the Daily Mail: "The Reliant Robin is a handsome little car which has been much loved by the thrifty working man and the young driver just starting out but it's become the butt of ridicule and bullying, particularly by one Jeremy Clarkson, a public-school buffoon who really should know better, the blighter.

'So when the lady across the road gave me a Reliant I thought I would do something silly with it. I decided to put some tracks on it and it worked, it is fantastic to drive and will go anywhere - it is like a normal car."

Watch the rugged Robin in action:

Watch Jeremy Clarkson roll a Reliant Robin:

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