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Rolls-Royce carves out a centenary

2011-01-05 12:09

ETCHED FOR POSTERITY: In view of Rolls-Royce celebrating 100 years of automobile assembly in 2010, the fabled Spirit of Ecstasy now carries some additional information.

The most esteemed bonnet badge in the business will undergo a slight tweak for 2011, as Rolls Royce celebrates it centenary.

Indeed, 2011 marks 100 years since Charles Stewart Rolls and Henry Royce started assembling these fine(est?) luxury automobiles embellished with the famous flying lady mascot – known as the Spirit of Ecstasy.

Although Rolls-Royce is now owned, ironically, by BMW the brand is still doing something special for its 2011 Ghost and Phantom models to mark its centenary.

For the entire 2011 model year, all Rolls-Royce Ghosts and Phantoms will have ‘Spirit of Ecstasy Centenary – 2011’ etched into the base of each flying lady figure.

If you are the kind of person in the market for one of these centenary Rolls-Royces you will be very chuffed to know that the engraving font is not some cheap Comic Sand derivative, but a rather exclusive ITC Willow letter type instead. Simply smashing, old chap.


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