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Reborn tuner births hotter Fiesta

2011-03-17 14:12

HOTTER FIESTA: The Lupini Fiesta makes 110kW at 6200rpm- the standard car makes 88 at 6000.

A hot 110kW Ford Fiesta 1.6 will be launched at this weekend's Top Gear Festival at Kyalam by LupiniPower and Lazarus Ford.

The car is the final piece of the returning tuning firm’s pre-launch puzzle in preparation for it's comeback range's release midyear. It has been developed in conjunction with Lazarus Ford and is based on the standard Fiesta 1.6 but produces 110kW at 6200rpm- the standard car makes only 88kW at 6000.

Torque climbs from 149Nm in the standard car to 175Nm at the same 4250rpm.


The Lupini car, the tuner says, will benefit with significantly improved acceleration and overall performance while suspension and braking enhancements will ensure the car also both turns and stops in line with its power.

The Lupini Fiesta has been given a comprehensive engine makeover with modifications to its camshafts and cylinder head, a branch manifold and free-flow exhaust and the car’s ECU has been reprogrammed to best adapt to it’s underbonnet changes. The standard spension springs have been replaced by sporty progressive-rate coils and the vehicle’s chassis geometry reset for a lower ride.

DARK HORSEPOWER: Matte black body finish and low-profile tyres on special 17" allloys finish off the Lupini Fiesta.

The package is rounded off by (optional) bigger front brakes and set a of 17” rims shod with 205/40 rubber. The "low 'n mean" effect, Lupini says, comes with the prototype's matt black body finish - one of several options.
Whenit hits the market the Lupini Ford Fiesta will come with a comprehensive three-year unlimited distance warranty, optionally upgradable to five years.

More general info from info@lupini.co.za or Lazarus Ford. Go to Lupini Fiesta and other LupiniPower products for more on the cars.

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