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Range Rover made ass of in China

2011-03-30 07:28

TWO HORSEPOWER?: After one breakdown too many, a desperate owner resorted to this dual-donkey powered towing solution.

They don’t know much about human rights, but Chinese consumers (now the world’s most important) are quickly cottoning onto what their consumer rights constitute.

Recently we ran a story concerning a Lamborghini Gallardo owner’s tribulations in the port city of Qingdao, and now another bout of rampant car consumer activism has surfaced in the north eastern Chinese city of Shenyang.

The owner of a mechanically frail 2010 Range Rover was so incensed by his vehicle’s unreliability, he had it towed back to the dealer and demanded a full refund.

In an attempt to show just how defective a transport solution the British SUV had become, it was towed by two donkeys with a banner draped alongside the Range Rover, spelling out its reliability issues.

After six breakdowns and an engine replacement during less than a year of ownership, the owner’s ire was understandable. The dealer, who originally sold the Range Rover for about R2m, was not impressed and refused any possibility of full refund.

In the world’s most important automotive market it would appear many premium brands are awfully keen to take money off Chinese customers flush with cash, but not as well prepared to take care of cars when things go wrong.

We feel for the animals though. Tugging a Range Rover Vogue weighing around 2.5t, we are sure those donkeys were pretty near to their peak load rating whilst trying to get the stricken Land Rover back to its dealer…

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