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Less is more with Cayman Clubsport

2009-01-27 07:11
Cayman S. Nice. Wait until they rip out the trim,

Cayman S. Nice. Wait until they rip out the trim, add the plastic rear window and charge you more for the Clubsport in October this year.

Porsche is set to attach one of its most hallowed badges to the Cayman range later this year.

Though the semantics are confusing – it’s a German company remember – the Clubsport moniker has always signalled something special for the Porschephile.

In the early 1990s the 968 Clubsport was essentially one of the most fun-to-drive cars you could buy. A litany of 911 Clubsports ensured the name carries a heritage of lightweight performance excellence. Not quite as mad as an RS, but huge fun on a racetrack all the same.

Same power, better dynamics

With the Cayman, all the regular Clubsport features – or lack thereof – should ensure sparkling performance, eclipsing the current Cayman S. The interior is set to be significantly stripped of trim, and special lightweight alloy wheels should bring down mass by 100kg.

Expect the engine to remain untouched; it’s carried over from the Cayman S where it displaces 3.4l and produces 235kW. Drive will be through the rear wheels only (it’s a Porsche Clubsport, not a turbo remember) and the six-ratio gearbox will be manually shifted.

The 911’s greatest dynamic enemy – the optional new Cayman limited-slip differential – will be standard on Clubsport models.

So, you lose some interior trim and sound insulation. Get tinnier body panels, new wheels and a standard LSD (the differential, not the drug). Keep the same engine, power untouched. All for about £4 000 more on the showroom floor when it goes on sale by October.

If you’re questioning the logic of this whole equation, then you’re not really the kind of person Porsche is marketing the Clubsport at. You’d be better heading off to the sports club for a drink in your Cayenne….


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