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Landy to get Posh treatment

2010-07-16 08:53

Hallo comrade. A Land-Rover Evoque prototype set to lap Moscow in peculiar camouflage patterned to mirror the city’s GPS street signature.

Hardy Land-Rover Defender owners beware.

Solihul’s latest marketing stunt is sure to have Defender owners pondering suicide by snatch-strap hanging.

The company’s first front-wheel drive car, its new Range Rover Evoque, has been decked out in haute couture camouflage trim and unleashed upon ten global cities.

These ten Evoques are sure to evoke (sorry, we could not help ourselves) the ire of Land-Rover’s traditional customer base.

Apparently the ten curiously camouflaged Evoques are a celebration of the vehicle's validation and durability testing nearly being complete.

It may be the smallest and most fuel-efficient Range Rover yet (helping the brand pass strict emission standards) but with a front-wheel drive option many Landy loyalists are quite upset by what the Evoque signifies.

Even worse for Defenders of the brand has been Land-Rover’s hiring of the ultimate trendoid, Victoria Beckham, as Evoque creative director.

"This lady knows a lot about fashion and a lot about trends, a lot about luxury products," said Gerry McGovern, Land Rover design director, in a statement.

Beckham will help design a special edition Range Rover Evoque. Suspicion is rife that the celebrity could be behind the deployment of the ten ridiculously camouflaged Evoques to ten key global locations - London, New York, Sao Paulo, Paris, Milan, Madrid, Berlin, Sydney, Shanghai and Moscow

Considering the Evoque is meant as an urban conveyance the marketing rationale makes sense. Land-Rove had better hope it can find all the new customers it envisions with the Evoque, before it completely alienates its (very) loyal current support base.

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