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KTM's X-Bow gains S3 arrow

2010-09-28 07:21

KTM’s X-Bow is quite quick in standard trim. Now the Austrian company has this X-Bow R model in the works – which is plainly mad.

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer KTM
Model X-Bow R
Engine 2.0 TFSI
Power 188kW
KTM has at last admitted to the presence of an ‘R’ version of the company’s four-wheeled superbike, the X-Bow.

The X-Bow, in production for nearly three years, has shown that light, circuit-biased performance cars are not the sole preserve of British manufacturers.

Using its accumulated motorcycle racing experience, KTM enlisted single-seater racing specialist Dallara to finesse the X-Bow’s chassis design – which is essentially a carbon-fibre tub with wheels.

The X-Bow’s 800kg mass is shoved around by a 177kW Audi 2.0 TFSI engine.

Performance is, unsurprisingly rapid, with a 0-100km/h benchmark time of 3.9 seconds.

KTM knows that no matter how good the series production X-Bow is, there will always be customers willing to pay for a negligible increase in performance and guaranteed exclusivity.

This is where the company’s new X-Bow R model enters the equation.

S3 powered X-Bow

Though the car is due to go on sale early next year, KTM has refused to speculate on the new R model’s exact specifications or possible pricing.  However, a collection of bespoke parts will increase the X-Bow’s already heady dynamics in R-trim.

Powered by Audi’s S3 engine, it will feature an additional 11 units of power, peaking at 188kW.
Currently, the X-Bow R is undergoing final technical validation at the world’s most demanding test venue - Germany’s Nurburgring.

The X-Bow R is sure to appeal to those enthusiasts for whom exclusive badging is of greater value in the decision making process than an acquisition based purely on performance statistics.

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