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Electric cars in SA

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Honda's 'black box' crash monitor

2008-02-05 09:29
Honda has developed a Drive Recorder that detects impacts and saves the information preceding and following an incident in an aircraft-like "black box".

In the event of a collision, the system will detect an impact and save the information captured for 12 seconds before and eight seconds after the impact.

Using a 135-degree view, the camera is mounted to the windscreen and forward-view imagery, along with sound and data on speed and acceleration, is recorded onto an SD card. Information can then be easily uploaded to a PC.

The drive recorder is 113 mm long, 70 mm wide and 20 mm thick.

And while the manufacturer states it hopes the invention will encourage safer driving, one of the benefits is also likely to be more straightforward insurance claims.

The system can also be activated at will, to record other driving incidents.

However, it is only sold in Japan.


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