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GM displays car 'sixth sense'

2008-10-23 09:52

Stationary vehicle warning. Emergency vehicle warning and intersection collision warning images follow below.

GM has revealed its car-to-car communication system to prevent accidents by warning drivers about potential danger from other vehicles.

Vehicles equipped with this technology, irrespective of manufacturer or vehicle type, can exchange information such as location, speed, acceleration and direction of travel within a few hundred metres.

The system uses existing components and the hardware consists of a microprocessor, GPS receivers and wireless LAN modules.

According to GM, the system is particularly useful in situations with decreased visibility or on winding roads.

Depending on the situation, the system issues visual or acoustic warnings, or vibrates the driver's seat.

The company says it has deliberately based the technology on proven technology to increase the potential of it being included as standard equipment in many vehicles.

"Our (GM's) C2C systems are affordable and could potentially be used in every vehicle class. That’s especially important because cooperative systems like these become more effective when many vehicles are equipped with them,” Hans-Georg Frischkorn, GM's executive director for global electrical systems, controls and software.

Opel is hosting the second international Car 2 Car Communication Consortium (C2C-CC) at GM's Dudenhofen Test Center in Germany.


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