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Ford brings RS500 back into Focus

2010-03-29 08:18
Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Ford
Model Focus RS500
Engine 2.5l five-cylinder turbo
Power 258kW
Rampant aftermarket power upgrade demand for its stupidly quick Focus RS has forced Ford to resurrect the legendary RS500 nameplate.

Last seen on the iconic (and elaborately winged) Sierra of the 1980s, the new Focus RS500 will be publically unveiled this Wednesday. The car’s existence has been confirmed by a Ford microsite embedded with a teaser video of the RS500 being driving around the company’s Lommel test centre in Belgium.

Why has Ford gone ahead and built the RS500? Surely the Focus RS, with its trick RevoKnuckle front-wheel drive set-up and 224kW engine would be quick enough for all people at all times in all places imaginable?

Well, no sooner had Ford started delivering RS cars to customers before aftermarket tuners were boosting these limited edition hot hatches to peak power outputs the naughty side of 250kW.

Ford’s now decided to satisfy the demand for additional RS performance with a 258kW RS500 version.

The rather unsubtle Ford Sierra Cosworth RS-series of the 1980s. Are those indicators big enough?

Mad, but not that mad

Beyond the neat power upgrade (boosted form 224- to 258kW) the RS500 will add an elaborate rear wing, whilst matte black surfacing and wheels (housing contrasting red brake callipers) are sure to give Ford’s hottest hatch a sinister presence.

Purists will scoff at a car resurrecting the legendary RS500 nameplate whilst keeping its rear seats and only sporting drive at the front axle. In mitigation, Ford deserves credit for pushing the front-wheel drive hot hatch envelope to such a radical level.

Revolve technologies (formerly Roush technologies, establish back in 1995) subsidiary Mountune, who specialise in track and rally racing engine preparation, was sub-contracted to develop the RS500 package.

The Ford RS500 will be (unsurprisingly) limited to only 500 units of which none will be officially imported to South Africa. If you have a connection in one of our neighbouring states though, well…


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