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Focus RS capable of 7.3l/100km?

2009-10-06 08:40
Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Ford
Engine 2.5l five-cylinder turbo
Power 224kW
Torque 410Nm
Ford’s Focus RS is a cracking performance hatchback, with 224kW and a clever torque-biasing slippy diff.

Can it be frugal too though?

During the seventh annual UK MPG marathon (the British version of our local economy run), motoring scribe Jeremy Walton and his co-driver, Alyson Marlow, produced some remarkable numbers piloting a blue Focus RS.

Over the two-day route, which covered 580km, Jeremy and Alyson used only 40.9l worth of fuel, averaging 7.3l/100km.

Considering the Focus RS is capable of producing some stellar performance numbers (263km/h topspeed, 0-100km/h in the five second bracket), the car’s newfound frugality is quite surprising.

Especially as Ford's claimed EU consumption figures for it (always a fairytale number) are around 9.4l/100km.

Jeremy and Alyson say they covered the route at regular roadspeeds, though we suspect the short-shifting regime must have been of the 'second-fourth-sixth' variety.

We are pretty sure the Quaife front-axle slippy was never troubled by Jeremy and Alyson's driving antics either...


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