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Evora 'S' to best Cayman rival

2010-08-27 07:57

Elaborate diffuser a welcome upgrade considering the 275km/h top speed potential. Generously dimensioned central-exhaust has a bypass valve to add acoustic intensity at track days.

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Lotus
Model Evora S
Engine 3.5l supercharged V6
Power 257kW @ 7 000r/min
Torque 400Nm @ 4 500r/min
Transmission Six-speed manual
Zero To Hundred 4.8 sec
Top Speed 275km/h
Weight 1 437kg
Lotus has (finally) unveiled details of its new Evoras, a month before their Paris motor show debut.

Although the company leaked information concerning possible ‘S’ and automatic transmission derivatives of the accomplished Evora mid-engined sportster recently, details were unconfirmed.

Now the data is official – and it is good news all round for fans of the British marque.

The two new models are sure to add to the Evora’s appeal, pandering to both performance and convenience demands.

'S' does what is says on the box

Lotus’s new ‘S’ gifts the Evora range what many observers feel it so urgently needs – more power, finally enabling drivers to fully exploit its finessed chassis dynamics.

The Toyota 3.5l V6 engine is substantially tuned to produce 51 units more peak power than the stock Evora.

Although Lotus is coy about the exact details concerning this power upgrade, expect some exhaust plumbing trickery to combine with the usual digital ECU wizardry and forced-induction (of the blown, sub-assembly driven kind) in order to get the Evora S to its 257kW power peak.

Statistically the newfangled power and performance (0-100km/h in 4.8 seconds) is balanced by Bilstein dampers at each wheel corner, tuned to perfection on Lotus’s Hethel test track.

Like all ‘S’ car derivatives, the quickest Evora yet features an obligatory ‘Sport’ button that actuates an exhaust bypass valve (adding acoustic texture) and raises the rev limit – perfect for those weekend track day indulgences.

The Evora S is aimed at Porsche’s Cayman performance model with the same affix.

Automatic choice - for Lotus?

Lotus’s other addition to the Evora range is a two-pedal derivative.

The company has not offered an automatic transmission in its range of cars for nearly two decades as a matter of principle, believing the additional weight and dynamic isolation of a planetary geared transmission system is wholly undesirable.

For contemporary Lotus customers, who live in cities and have to negotiate severe traffic, the option of a keen automatic transmission is significant. Especially as most competitors (Audi TT, Porsche Cayman) offer dual-clutch transmissions able to combine an engaging driving experience, when the opportunity presents itself, yet still waft effortlessly through traffic.

To this end the new Lotus Intelligent Precision Shift (IPS) will debut at Paris alongside its ‘S’ sibling. Lotus’s very elaborate name for a standard automatic transmission tallies six ratios and adds shift paddles to the steering column just behind the helm.

Despite the system not being a compact and agile dual-clutch design, it has been vetted by Lotus – which means it shifts with appropriate urgency and (miraculously) does not add any extra weight.

With Lotus under pressure from parent company Proton to significantly ramp up sales volumes, these new Evora models are key to securing the marque's future.


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