Drunk traffic cop banned

2011-04-21 07:38

HANOI, Vietnam - A senior traffic inspector in Vietnam whose driving licence was suspended after he was found guilty of two hit-and-run collisions on the same day while has been reduced to the ranks.

Le Van Qui was deputy head of a traffic inspection team when he was arrested. He is now an ordinary traffic cop - without a driving licence. He will have to be re-tested.

Qui was driving a car that collided with a motorcycle and, soon afterwards, a bicycle. Three people were injured in the first collision but he refused to take an alcohol test and threatened to take the police to court for arresting him.

He was fined $300 and his driving licence was suspended for two months.

None of the injured has pressed charges.

  • Vissie - 2011-04-21 12:54

    Marianne Brown: Is this your best. Surely you can't get paid for sh%t like this. Drunk???? Where was he drunk, just because he didn't want to take the test doesn't make him a "Drunk traffic cop banned". Maybe he was just to much of a senior and drives like a retard. WOW, I feel embarrassed to have read the whole story.

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