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Drivers can't check their oil - poll

2012-05-23 13:40

WHAT’S THE POINT OF OIL?: Many drivers would never admit to not knowing how to check their oil but being unaware of the importance of engine lubrication could leave you with engine problems.

LONDON, UK – Do you know where you oil dipstick is? Do you know how to read it? It's amazing how many drivers do not know how to do this and inevitably set themselves up for expensive engine repairs.

According to research from Mobil 1, nearly 50% of the 1084 drivers the company polled did not even know why oil was used in their vehicle’s engine.

Research also showed that three out of four Britons don’t know how to check the oil level in their car.


Mobil 1 commissioned the survey to gain an insight into driver habits, specifically in the areas of engine maintenance and servicing. The study discovered that although drivers were looking for ways to save money, they were significantly less savvy when it comes to understanding how to reduce their motoring costs.

The research found 94% of drivers were unaware that using the correct oil could significantly prolong the life of an engine, as well as potentially improve fuel economy.

Dan McGoldrick, a Mobil marketing adviser, said: “It’s clear from this research that car owners are largely unaware of the benefits of using synthetic motor oil and in some cases people don’t even have a basic understanding of the fundamental role played by engine lubrication.”

“Using the right oil for your engine can potentially improve fuel economy, reduce engine wear and save lots of expense in the long run," said McGoldrick.

Below are some of the question asked in the survey:

Do you know where you oil dipstick is?
Do you know how to read it?
When was the last time you checked your oil?
Do you know where to pour oil in?
Do you keep spare oil at home?

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