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Driver survives 370km/h roll

2011-03-30 08:07

JET FIGHTER?: Quite possibly the world’s fastest Corvette, this Hinson Motorsport’s Z06 got badly out of shape – at pretty close to 400km/h.

In Texas, everything is bigger.

America’s Lone Star state does things its own way and when it comes to cars, well, if you really want to see the fastest bowtie muscle around – it's best to mosey on down to Goliad.

Just outside of this nondescript Texan town is an airport which has since 2003 played host to the Texas Mile high-speed event - where America’s best car tuners see who really has the fastest-accelerating car around.


During the 2011 event Alabama-based Hinson Motorsport’s 1300kW, twin-turbo Corvette Z06 was expected to improve on its 360km/h standing-mile speed record for Corvettes when a small problem was compounded into a big issue by the forces involved. Well, the right front wheel's spokes sheared...

The Hinson Z06’s stability was compromised at a rather uncomfortable 370km/h, launching the car into a single (very high speed) barrel roll.

Amazingly, the Corvette rolled only once before continuing on its remaining wheels. Even more astounding was that the driver was unhurt.

The Z06’s structure held up outstandingly well, with only severe panel damage and no safety cell deformation – a testament to its engineering integrity and the regulations stipulating certain modifications as prerequisites for participation at the Texas Mile.

Is this the end for Hinson Motosport’s high speed ambitions? Not quite. They promise to be back with an even quicker Z06 in September, 2011.

It's a bit long, but Watch the video - the end is worth the wait...

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