Dodge Caliber gives Mopar a shot

2011-05-15 22:46

Chrysler South Africa has launched a special edition of the its Dodge Caliber and dubbed it the Mopar Edition.

“We have," Chrysler says, "identified with a specific market niche - a group of drivers with a passion for performance hatchbacks. To address this we have delivered the racy Dodge Caliber Mopar Edition which we believe will go a long way to satisfying the ‘boy racer’ in all of us."

The Mopar trademark is derived from the words Motor and Parts and is one of the most familiar in the automotive industry; an unquestionable force in the world of performance parts.


"The essence of the Mopoar enthusiasm," the automaker added, "began with the production of the world-famous Hemi engine, although it has a history stretching way, way back."

Guy Franken, Chrysler SA's group head of marketing and corporate affairs, said: "Mopar is a dominant presence in track and strip and its involvement in various racing formulas linked with Dodge in the US over the years has shown it to be a supplier of high-performance and quality-engineered parts.

"Today, the Dodge Caliber Mopar Edition has the same Mopar DNA as found in the Dodge Challenger and Dodge Charger muscle cars."

LOWERED SUSPENSION: The Mopar Caliber rides 5cm lower than the standard car on special powder-coated alloy rims.

The Dodge Caliber two-litre manual has Mopar performance parts that include:

•    Cold-air induction kit
•    Performance manifold and exhaust system
•    18” black powder-coated alloy rims
•    2” lowering kit
•    Sporty bonnet and beltline decals
•    Mopar decals

The Dodge Caliber Mopar Edition is priced at R259 990 and will soon be available at Chrysler Jeep Dodge dealerships throughout South Africa.

  • RudeMan - 2011-05-16 13:27

    Is it any faster? Or does it just look faster...

      JoFish - 2011-05-16 14:28

      Hardly.. a CAI and exhaust would make it only sound faster than it is

  • Audacious - 2011-05-17 14:03

    Hey guys I had one of the previous models. I challenge anyone to come up with a car which has a better ride. I have owned Audi's Mercedes and now a BMW m sport diesel. Not one of these cars have a better sound system, or ride. Ok the interior needed a serious upgrade in the Dodge.

  • Myk - 2011-12-22 09:59

    When do we get the 8litre V10 version?

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