Top new models for SA

From Renault's new Alaskan bakkie to the latest models at the Frankfurt motor show bound for SA.

Electric cars in SA

The debate on whether or not Electric Vehicles (EV) are viable in South Africa rages on.

Crystal Merc beats shoppers' gloom

2008-10-30 07:48

Tokyo - With Japan's economy slipping into recession, one department store hopes to brighten the mood by putting on show a car studded with 300 000 crystals.

A Mercedes-Benz shimmering with Swarovski crystal glass has gone on display at Sogo's main shop in Osaka as part of a campaign to raise spirits before the Christmas shopping season.

"Every retailer is having a tough time," a Sogo spokeswoman in the western city said. "But it's our job to cheer people up."

Hundreds of local shoppers and tourists have gathered at the store to take pictures with their mobile phones, she said.

The car is not for sale but is estimated to be worth 40 million yen ($403,000).

Japan is also home to the $15 000 diamond martini and $108 hamburger, although many Japanese can be expected to scale down their shopping as they worry about the global financial crisis.



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