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Electric cars in SA

The debate on whether or not Electric Vehicles (EV) are viable in South Africa rages on.

Ceramic brakes for all Ferraris

2007-12-10 07:32
Ferrari has announced that its entire range or exquisite Italian supercars will, from 2008, receive ceramic brake discs as standard.

The Prancing Horse claims to be the first car manufacturer to offer carbon ceramic material (CCM) technology across its range.

The manufacturer first introduced the since the Brembo-sourced discs five years ago on the Enzo. This later filtered through as an option on other models in the Ferrari line-up.

"Enhanced performance, durability and comfort" are listed as some of the chief reasons for Ferrari's standardising of the technology. Its popularity was also cited as a reason - on some models over 85% are ordered with CCM brakes.

One of the most obvious advantages of these brakes are their exceptional fade resistance. They also have a longer lifespan and show a greater resistance to wear, even with continuous track use.

The CCM braking system aids weight reduction too, shaving up to 15 kg off a car's weight.


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