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Caterham's very rapid Union Jack

2010-04-23 10:10
Caterham’s Seven range is not a car for shy types.

Essentially caught in a 1960s-design time warp, the endearing lightweight sportsters are cherished the world over for their mechanical simplicity and peerless agility.

Caterham’s late founder, Graham Nearn, was a master marketer.

He always found the most innovate ways to market his niche sportcars and was particularly fond of branding joint venture projects. We’re sure he would have loved Caterham’s latest special edition joint venture, the Lambretta…

Like Austin Powers' Mini, only better to drive.

High street meets street racer

If you are one of those fashionable types you’ll probably know that Lambretta is a British fashion label based on London’s chic Carnaby Street.

Now, you’d hardly splice together the idea of an open-topped Caterham Seven and Lambretta’s vogue threads, yet the respective companies' marketing departments have.

Finished in Union Jack livery with a cabin trimmed in eye-popping red, white and blue leather, the Caterham Lambretta is perfect for Eton old boys with a hooligan streak.

Cabin trim is brighter than a 1980s disco revival party.

More British than bangers and mash

Contemporary performance car enthusiasts will scoff at its out-of-date Cool Britannia inferences, yet you know the driving aspect is simply going to be spot-on.

Steering feedback through the Moto-Lita steering wheel will be incomparable and the performance quite rapid, considering the Seven’s kerb weight (a touch more than 500kg) and the 1.6l Ford Sigma engine’s 90kW power output.

So, if you’re stuck in the UK waiting for a flight home and wish to take home a shade of (really) authentic British sportscar class, the Caterham Seven Lambretta retails for £26 995.

It’s one of those purchases everybody will be quick to admire, yet you’ll find it very hard to explain…

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