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Boxing clever with Porsche's 'E'

2011-02-16 07:56

TEASING TESLA: This is one of the three Boxster E test vehicles. Engineers have exchanged its flat-six engine for a pair of electric motors.

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Porsche
Model Boxster E
Engine dual electric
Power 180kW
Porsche is serious about securing a low emissions future for its performance cars.

In an attempt to keep dynamics relevant in a world of rampant anti-internal combustion motoring, the company has launched a research project using its Boxster platform.

A fleet of three Boxster E cars are to travel all over Germany, collecting data and offering customers an opportunity to sample their battery powered dynamic driving capability.

Power to the people

Porsche regards customer feedback as a crucial part of guiding its powertrain electrification design team, tweaking characteristics of the Boxster E’s 29 kWh battery pack (powering two electric motors to the tune of 180kW) in such a way as to mimic the driving experience offered by its ‘S’ internal combustion sibling.

With performance figures tallying a 0-100km/h sprint in 5 seconds dead and top speed of 274km/h, the Boxster E is hardly slow.

Porsche says the Boxster’s mid-engined configuration has made electrification much easier too, enabling engineers to package the electric motor, batteries and high-voltage transfer components all amidships – retaining optimal weight distribution characteristics.

Considering its recent penchant for building hugely desirable hybrid prototypes and boasting an electric motor augmented Cayenne V6 as part of its current product portfolio, Porsche is surging ahead to a future of electrically powered high-performance sportscars. If we were the Tesla motor company, well, we would be rather nervous.


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