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Alfa workers say 'no' to Milano

2009-11-30 12:16
Alfa’s keenly anticipated 147 hatchback replacement will no longer be called Milano, thanks to some good, old-fashioned labour mobilisation.

Everything was perfect in anticipation of the 147 replacement’s debut at the Bologna motor show next month. The dealer brochures and press material was allegedly ready and littered with the Milano name in classically stylish Italian fonts.

Now Alfa’s hand has been forced by a bunch of unhappy workers.

The Italian brand is set to shut down all operations in Milan by the end of this year (despite being founded 99 years ago in the city).

Only 232 employees (primarily designers and engineers) are still awaiting redeployment to the company’s Turin facilities. They are not the problem...

Former Alfa employees, who worked at the Milan facility (especially pre-2000 when they still built cars there) are where the issue arises.

These blue collar workers think it’s quite rich of management to name a new car after a city where they pulled the plug on a production facility that had a real sense of historic significance.

Fearing an Italian socialist backlash, Alfa’s management has decided to play it safe by delaying the on-line unveiling of the 147 replacement (it was supposed to happen last Friday).

The new car is now expected to revive Alfa's Giulietta badge.


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