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AMG's über-SUV facelifted

2010-06-14 08:11
Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Mercedes-Benz
Model ML 63
Engine 6.2l V8
Power 375kW @ 6 800r/min
Torque 630Nm
Transmission 7-speed auto
Zero To Hundred five seconds
Top Speed 250km/h
With the updated Cayenne and BMW’s anti-establishment M-division X5/6 models setting the pace, the original hyper performance SUV, Mercedes-Benz’s AMG-fettled ML, has faded out of the petrolhead consciousness a bit.

In an attempt to regain some brand equity in the top-end SUV market (where performance reigns supreme and dirt road ability is of no consequence), Mercedes-Benz has altered the ML63 AMG’s surfacing with some new design embellishments.

A refreshed bonnet, darkened light clusters front and rear, redesigned chrome protection strips (whatever for?) and a resurfaced bonnet tally the changes. You’d have to posses a PhD in AMG ML-Class derivates to pick off the new car’s styling details.

Fancy leather

The facelifted ML63 AMG’s cabin features the regulation Affalterbach goodies – including figure-hugging sports seats and an AMG-themed steering wheel. Owners with a serious leather fetish can order a Nappa surfaced dashboard as an optional extra, very much in step with the current Soccer World Cup hype.

Mechanically the ML63 AMG’s facelift retains the fabled 6.2l V8, boasting 375Kw and 630Nm in the SUV application.

Driving all four wheels courtesy of AMG’s seven-speed Speedshift transmission, the benchmark 0-100km/h sprint is blitzed in only five seconds. Fuel consumption and emissions are, predictably, on the punishing side of the budgetary and taxation (in Europe) scale - 16.5l/100km and 392g/km of CO2.

The facelifted ML63 AMG is set to go on sale in Europe at the beginning of July.


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