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WATCH: Toyota's new CVT has a launch gear

2018-03-17 14:00

Image: AP Photo / Koji Sasahara

United States: The guys at Engineering Explained have created a cool video explaining how Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT) works as well as highlighting Toyota's new 'box.

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Engineering Explained: "People are often underwhelmed with the driving experience of a CVT, and initially, many CVTs were underwhelming. Toyota is changing that, with numerous improvements to their CVT to make shifts quicker, more precise, and more engaging to drive. And it's no longer just using a belt for accelerating.

"Starting from a stop, the CVT switches over to a direct gear drive, much like starting in first gear in a manual transmission. As the vehicle speed increases, the first gear is dropped and it switches over to belt drive, letting the CVT handle the higher speeds. 

"The changes to their new continuously variable transmission result in better launch acceleration, faster shift speeds, and a greater transmission efficiency at all vehicle speeds. How is this possible?"

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