SA's best-selling cars

Continuing its trend as South Africa’s best-selling passenger car, Volkswagen has sold more than 2300 Polo Vivos in March 2017.

How Porsche will help local youths in SA

Porsche SA has opened its new Training Centre in Cape Town which aims to provide opportunities for 75 youths from disadvantaged backgrounds in the auto industry.

Want to teach your pre-schooler to drive? You can with the electric D.Throne!

2017-04-28 09:14

ONE COOL KIDDY CAR! Meet the world's smallest electric car for kids - and parents! No one gets left behind.Image: D.Throne

Janine Van der Post

Korea - Meet the world's 'smallest family car', according to child-car supplier D. Throne. Its mission is to help petrolhead parents to connect with their children through cars. 

The company is adamant that it's bespoke vehicles are no mere toy cars: "We wouldn’t have even begun our business in the first place if it was merely a toy to be consumed for a short time.

"The advantages that the father feels while taking his daughter on a ride, and even the disadvantages are elevated to be strengths. The D. Throne family car is an honest result of unwavering philosophy and sheer effort."

Connection car

The first generation of the D. Throne model was manufactured in 2012 and its third-gen model, launched in 2016. 

The automaker says its D.Throne electronic car has a similar structure and operation of an actual vehicle; an electric motor, car accessories and seat belt. It even comes with a keyless key-fob to lock and unlock the vehicle - and doubles up as the vehicle control remote. 

The current, third-generation can be converted to a variety of vehicle types such as two seats, a smart controller, and boarder. 

Families can enjoy outdoor activities and the car can even be converted to a sort of stroller.

Wheels24's Janine Van der Post says: "As a petrolhead, and mother to a mini car enthusiast, I would most certainly get my daughter one of these. I've been looking for an electrical vehicle for her, but of course these things are ridiculously expensive.

"I love that its built similar to a real vehicle and that her dad, or I could hop along on it too and go for a walk with her. Actually, I need this to go shopping with her. It would make grocery shopping trips so much easier." 

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It comes with accessories galore, like a trailer, and attachment carts, or even a cool 'Sedge-way'. What's more is, you can 'bling' it up to your heart's content.  They should open a store here in South Africa!

Parent24's Zayaan Schroeder says: "It looks very cool. My son would love it! But it's not something I would waste money on. Nor does it suite my budget, and it will only take up space in my house."


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SA's best-selling cars: Polo Vivo tops sales in April 2017

The Volkswagen Polo Vivo held onto its position as South Africa's best-selling passenger car despite a huge drop in overall new vehicle sales during April 2017, reports Naamsa.

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