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Elon Musk thinks a floating Tesla is a good idea

2016-06-21 11:47

FLOATING TESLA? Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, alluded to the possibility of the firm's Model S (pictured) is able to float. Image: AFP / Odd Andersen

Cape Town - Elon Musk, the founder of the world's preeminent electric car maker Tesla, sent fans of the brand into a frenzy this week after tweeting a comment on a video showing a Model S 'floating' in Kazakhstan, the Verge reported

In 2015, Model S owners discovered an Easter egg in the car's software which turned its image into that same submersible Lotus. 

Floating Tesla

Musk's fascination in submersible cars was evident in 2013, when the billionaire purchased James Bond's submarine car (a custom Lotus Esprit).

The South-African born entrepreneur said he would upgrade the car with one the firm's electric engines.

Watch: Tesla Model S swimming

Musk tweeted: 

Electrek reported, that one does not want the entire undercarriage of your vehicle to be submerged regardless of if it consists of a large battery pack or an exhaust line.

The Model S' battery pack is sealed, but there are still plenty of complications from submerging the vehicle.

Electrek said that warranties (including Tesla’s) or insurance rarely if ever cover any damage caused by driving through flooded streets.

Read the original article on The Verge and Electrek here. 
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