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10 ways Nissan is making a positive difference in the automotive world

2017-12-20 10:40

Image: Wheels24/ Janine Van der Post

Mike Whitfield - Nissan SA

South Africa - The Nissan Intelligent Mobility is new automative technology that is designed to make the driving experience much better, claims the local automaker.

Transforming the industry 

Nissan's Mike Whitfield says: "As we approach 2018 there has been a long time and strong need for business across sectors to transform the way in which they drive their revenue streams. 

"The need for business to think ahead and look at their strategy through a digital lens has become paramount to ensure that they embrace digital maturity, remain relevant and more importantly remain competitive. 

"Nissan has understood this wave and are currently riding it with the launch of our intelligent mobility vision, not only are we harnessing the transformation of the automotive industry, but we intend to set the new age bar for many years to come – ensuring a safer more sustainable world for all” 

Here are 10 ways in which Nissan Mobility is making a positive difference in the automotive world: 

1 Nissan Intelligent Mobility (NIM), imagines a whole new driving experience, moving through life with greater exhilaration, confidence and connection to the world around you.
2 NIM is like driving with superhero-like powers of perception as many sensors constantly monitor and assess making thousands and even millions of calculations in real time on the road ahead and the vehicles around you.
3 NIM ProPILOT Assist with Intelligent Cruise Control and Full Speed Range and Hold will keep up with the cars ahead of you and apply 100% braking force, if necessary. 
4 Steering Assist will keep you centred in your lane even when the road takes a slight bend, Lane Departure Warning will alert you if you stray out of your lane and Lane Departure Prevention will engage and gently help you back into your lane if you continue to drift out of your lane.
5 NIM ProPILOT Assist will sound an alert, pulse the brakes and bring the vehicle to a stop if it does not detect a hand on the steering wheel.
6 Nissan Intelligent Forward Collision Warning assesses the situation two cars ahead and can warn you to slow down before you even see what’s stopping traffic.
7 NIM Blind Spot Warning monitors the blind spot area and will give you a nudge if you start to move over and there is a vehicle in this area.
8 NIM Forward Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection will provide audible and visual warnings, and will even apply the brakes when a pedestrian is detected. Moving Object Detection, which uses the vehicle’s cameras, will also provide visual and audible alerts if the system detects something moving behind your vehicle while it is in Reverse gear.
9 Nissan Intelligent Distance Control monitors the flow of traffic, so you’re always following at a safe distance.
10 Many NIM innovations that are designed to make transportation safer, smarter, greener and more fun will start to feature in new Nissan models heading to South Africa from the fourth quarter of 2017 onwards.


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