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WORLD SCOOP! Peugeot 308

2007-04-16 07:22

Gotcha! Peugeot 308 (Photos: Francois Malan)

Meet the new Peugeot 308! A Wheels24 reader snapped the newcomer outside Stellenbosch on Saturday.

A film crew was preparing the car for a photo or advertisement shoot, when Francois Malan spotted it on his way to the office. The new 308 is due to be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

Although the 308 was parked on a public road, angry security officials told Francois that they would call the police to arrest him if he takes photos of the car.

But their threats didn't stop him from doing so. His photos are some of the best yet of the successor to the 307.

In the past other Wheels24 readers as well as our own staff have been intimidated or assaulted by film crew or security officials at ad shoots in public areas.

Our photos show that the 308 is bigger than its predecessor. Power will come courtesy of a range of engines co-developed with BMW, including 1.6-litre petrol engines and a 2.2-litre turbodiesel.

The new 308 will also be available as a diesel hybrid, which will use the company's 80kW 1.6-litre turbodiesel. This model will get a paddle-shift gearbox, with regenerative braking to top up the batteries under deceleration.

The nickel metal hydride battery pack is claimed to be very compact, sitting in place of the spare wheel.

Wheels24 comments:

Wheels24 condemns attempts of film crews, security officials, car manufacturers or other relevant parties harassing, threatening or assaulting any individual in a public space, especially if there is no trespassing or breach of security.

If an ad or photo shoot takes place in a public area the organisers should be aware that nothing prevents a member of the public from observing the event. At the same time we urge the public to respect security measures and not trespass cordoned-off areas.

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