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Gotcha! Merc's new sports hatch

2007-02-15 07:37

Next Mercedes C-Class Sportscoupe will probably be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show

Mercedes is going full throttle on replacing ageing models by their respective successors, and here is proof this goes for the C Sportcoupé as well.

The pictures were taken in northern Sweden, and they show the new car for the first time ever.

Although the new C Sportcoupé will mimic the design of the brand-new C-class saloon, the coming coupé is actually built around the mechanics of the existing model - and hence based on the chassis of the outgoing C class.

It seems as if the basic concept of the car - short coupé with huge tailgate - will remain unchanged, too.

Its engine range will probably reflect that of its sedan sibling.

But Mercedes has been tight-lipped about its plans for a new Sportscoupe and actually announced a couple of years ago that the model will be dropped.

So, time will tell what are Stuttgart's plans with this model.

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