Top new models for SA

From Renault's new Alaskan bakkie to the latest models at the Frankfurt motor show bound for SA.

Electric cars in SA

The debate on whether or not Electric Vehicles (EV) are viable in South Africa rages on.

'Entry-level' Gallardo coming

2007-07-18 08:10
This involves a little speculation here, but our sources at the Nürburgring have photographed what may be a V8-powered Lamborghini Gallardo prototype.

A slightly revised front fascia, and a visibly reworked exhaust out back suggest that some engine changes are being explored. This Gallardo is reportedly being benchmarked with an Audi RS4, which is powered by a high-revving 309kW V8 4.2FSI power plant.

The RS4's V8 would be a logical engine choice if Lamborghini decides to move ahead with a slightly more sedate (and affordable) Gallardo variant.

Our Ring spies tell us that this revised Gallardo is noticeably quieter than the typical V10-powered version, when running all-out on the track.


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