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F1: Korea eyes return with a night race

2014-09-24 05:37

KOREAN F1 GP TO RETURN? The race could re-join the F1 calendar as organisers hope Bernie Ecclestone will approve a Singapore-like night race on the downtown streets of Seoul, the capital. Image: AFP

SEOUL, Korea - South Korea is casting jealous eyes on the success of Singapore's night race and is planning to return to the Formula 1 calendar.

South Korea's first F1 foray, at the desolate, highly unpopular, and debt-making Yeongam circuit from 2010-13 could be seen as an unmitigated failure but the country is now looking for a way back into the prestige sport.

Officials met Bernie Ecclestone during the 2014 Singapore GP (September 21). Indeed, the publication Today reports that a Singapore-like city night race on the downtown streets of Seoul, the capital, is now possible for 2016.


A Today correspondent reports: "We understand the Briton (Ecclestone) has warmed up to the proposal."

It's one being led by Chung Yung-cho, a central figure in the original Yeongam project before he was dismissed by the race organisers. A source said: "Chung showed Bernie prints of the proposed street layout and he liked it.

"They are now talking about the rights fee and have tentatively agreed to have a race in the city centre of Seoul in 2016.

"The business model is attractive and if we can do the same in our city it makes more sense for people to buy tickets to watch the race.

"I think it will work for Korea this time - if Bernie and Chung can reach a deal."


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