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Epic Ferrari F50 tug-o'-war

2013-04-11 10:22

YOU HAD US AT FERRARI TUG-O’-WAR: A video shows two Ferrari F50s in a tyre-melting version of the classic tug-o’-war contest.


2013 Kid drives Ferrari F430

2013-04-11 09:13

Irresponsible parenting alert – A video shows little kids in India riding around in a V8-powered Ferrari F430.

Earlier in 2013 we reported on the guys at TaxTheRich uploading a WRC-themed video showing a Ferrari Enzo drifting along a gravel track.

A Ferrari is a performance-bred supercar equally suited to life on the race track or on the open road. In this latest video, the guys at TaxTheRich decided to break the mould by drifting two Ferrari F50s  along a similar backroad.


In the video you’ll see two F50s pushing the limit as if they lapping the Nurburgring then, even more bizarre, there's an insane finale – a tug-o'-war between the two Italian supercars.

YouTube commenter  DeznerSkill said: “ Someone has too much money and not enough driving skill, common sense, or respect for a great car.”

DeChelca said: “Why are these beautiful cars sitting in barns on a dirt road?? Get 'em on the highway or a rally circuit!”

Ryan Riebe commented: “If I had one... I'd drive it hard, like it was meant to be. Not sitting on a showroom floor or in a garage. Drive it like it was meant to be!”

Watch the video here!


A video uploaded to YouTube shows two youngsters in India riding around in a V8 Ferrari F430. It’s enough to make any parent cringe...

In the video junior is pulling on the steering to a) see over the facia and b) reach the pedals.


Not content to be left out of the mud, rival supercar maker Lamborghini gave an answer to the Enzo WRC video - a Gallardo galloping around a dirt-road stage.

Earlier in 2013 we reported on a video showing a Gallardo being expertly whipped along a forest track that wouldn't be out of place in a WRC stage. 

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