More Honda hybrid tech revealed

2012-11-14 10:25

Honda has pioneered a new lightweight and compact one-motor hybrid system for small vehicles, called the sports hybrid intelligent dual clutch drive system.

This new hybrid system will be the latest addition to the Earth Dreams Technology series of new generation powertrain technology that combines driving performance and high levels of fuel efficiency.

Together with the sport hybrid intelligent multi mode drive for mid-sized vehicles and the sport hybrid super handling - all wheel drive, the newly developed sport hybrid intelligent dual clutch drive will join the line up of three systems that can accommodate different vehicle sizes and characteristics, the automaker said.


Honda claims this new system will offer high levels of fuel efficiency and acceleration that is more powerful than that of existing models to ensure driver enjoyment and performance is not sacrificed.

It combines a newly developed inline four-cylinder 1.5-litre Atkinson cycle engine with a seven-speed DCT2 system. The built-in high-output motor and lithium-ion battery improve efficiency by more than 30% compared to a conventional one-motor hybrid system, the automaker said.

According to Honda, the combination of the one-motor hybrid system and the engine offers sporty driving during acceleration and high-speed cruising by using the clutches to engage the engine. Electric vehicle driving is utilised during start up and low- to medium-speed cruising by using the clutches to disengage the engine.

This system contributes to the improvement of fuel efficiency by increasing energy regeneration using the clutches to disengage the engine during deceleration.


The automaker claims this hybrid system achieves the world’s highest efficiency by combining a newly-developed engine dedicated for hybrid vehicles - a new 2.0-litre Atkinson cycle engine, an electric CVT coupled with two built-in motors and a lock-up clutch with a lithium-ion battery.

It also includes a system that can switch modes to match driving styles and situations.

Outline of the system

The system switches the operation among the following three driving modes depending on driving conditions and the battery charge level:

EV Drive:
for driving by the electric motor using electricity from the battery and regeneration during deceleration

Engine Drive: for medium-to high-speed cruising with the engine and axle directly connected by a lock-up clutch and engine power is mechanically transferred to the wheels

Hybrid Drive: for urban driving and powerful acceleration using the motor with electricity generated by the engine

This hybrid system, which is also suitable as a plug-in hybrid system, will be installed to the North American version of the Accord, scheduled to be introduced in January 2013.


According to the manufacturer, the combination of a V6 engine and this high-output three-motor system achieves acceleration performance equivalent to that of a V8 with fuel efficiency better than that of an inline four-cylinder engine.

A new V6 3.5-litre direct-injection engine is installed in the front of the vehicle and combined with a newly-developed seven-speed DCT system with a built-in motor. This Honda technology uses two motors installed in the rear to control torque distribution to the right and left rear wheels.

These latest advancements in electric vehicle technologies further progress Honda towards making the Sport Hybrid, such as the forthcoming new NSX model, a reality.