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Electric cars in SA

The debate on whether or not Electric Vehicles (EV) are viable in South Africa rages on.

Jaguar electrifies new XJ

2010-02-04 07:32
In a bid to showcase its engineering flexibility and environmental awareness, Jaguar has created an all-electric version of the new XJ.

Allegedly, the all-electric XJ is part of a feasibility study aiming to ensure premium transport will still be operational in a future world of zero-emission urban zones.

What are zero-emission urban zones? Well, they're postulated to be rezoned cities of the future, where even hybrids will be seen as either too polluting or short on range running solely on electric power.

Funding for the all-electric XJ was drawn from the British government’s Technology Strategy Board.

Although exact details are not available at this time it’s rumoured the electric XJ will be powered by a 145kW/400Nm electric motor fed by a lithium ion battery back.

Recharging the batteries on the move will be a 1.2l, three-cylinder generator designed by Lotus purposefully for self-charging electric vehicles. The triple is worth around 35kW.

Design targets for the electric XJ’s drivetrain endurance include a 180km/h top speed and 965km operational range.

In spite of the added mass of those various lithium-ion battery packs, Jaguar insider claims the removal of the XJ’s conventional drivetrain has balanced things out. The electric XJ, therefore, should retain the company’s fabled ride and handling characteristics.


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