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Driver herd-mentality in action

2013-10-10 11:52

FOLLOW THE LEADER: A simple rule to live by – don’t follow idiots on the road. Just because someone else is doing something illegal does mean you should follow suit. Image: YOUTUBE

A video shows how one impatient driver irresponsibly drives through a red traffic light – a common occurrence. Incredibly, not one but four drivers follow suit. Watch drivers exhibiting negligent herd-mentality!

LOS ANGELES, California - Herd mentality – a great survival instinct if you’re group of wildebeest being chased by lions but incredibly dangerous if you’re a driver.

A video posted on YouTube shows how one impatient driver in Los Angeles, USA irresponsibly drives through a red traffic light. Incredibly, not one but four drivers follow suite.

Video: Traffic-light idiocy

We suppose the initial driver was fed up with having to wait for the light to change but the rest? Suppose one of them causes a crash, what would their defence be? “Erm, I saw others go through a red light so I thought ‘Why don’t I follow 'em’”


YouTube commenters had the following to say:

Majnus said: “Routine will get you killed. When you're stuck in traffic behind some other car at a red light, if he/she goes your brain automatically assumes it's green and that it's OK to go. Shamefully I must admit it happened to me once. Stupid thing to do but then again it's not difficult to do it. Remain focused and don't let routine drive your car for you.

TheReapersSon said: “Happens a lot when people are sitting in a turn arrow lane and see the light next to them turn green. Some people start to drift into the intersection until they realize their surroundings."

Tim said: “That's what you get when you get a driving licence with a pack of milk.”

Have you witnessed a similar case of drivers exhibiting negligent herd-mentality? Email us and we’ll publish your thoughts - and perhaps your images - on Wheels24.
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