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Driver held for losing his dead

2013-08-26 08:07

ARRESTED FOR LOST CARGO: An undertaker in Sri Lanka has been charged for disrespecting the dead when he lost a body he was transporting to a funeral. Image: News24

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - The driver of a hearse in Sri Lanka has been arrested for letting a corpse he was transporting slip off the back of his vehicle.

Police confirmed that the driver, delivering the body for a funeral, will be charged with "causing disrespect to a dead person".


According to the local newspaper Lankadeepa, the rear door of the vehicle accidentally opened, allowing the coffin and corpse to fall off in the town of Kandy, about 120km east of the capital, Colombo. It was left a few hundred metres away from the body with the driver unaware of its loss.

He was arrested after realising the body was missing when he went to unload it at the house.

A police spokesman said: "Under our laws there is provision to charge such a person for causing disrespect to a dead person."

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