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Wheels24 project car update

2007-08-16 14:14

At the end of our Oettinger experience our white Avant should look similar to this...

Lance Branquinho

It has been nearly six weeks since the ECU upgrade was done on the Wheels24 Audi 2.0TDI Avant. With an increase of 11.7% and 21% in power and torque respectively, commuting has been a bit more "brisk".

To recap, we had an ECU upgrade installed from Oettinger, a German specialist in the aftermarket optimization and tuning of Audi and Volkswagen products.

No mechanical engine changes were made, instead only a plug in upgrade was done via the Audi's OBD diagnostics port.

Before the upgrade we had accurately determined dynamometer power as being 101.2kW on the wheels. Torque was 285 Nm.

After the upgrade was installed, power and torque figures increased to 113.5 kW and 344 Nm respectively.

The upgrade has had no undue side-effects. The Avant's drivetrain noise, vibration and harshness levels are much the same.

On the plus side, performance has shown a marked improvement, primarily at higher speeds in the 100-140km/h range, where the surfeit of torque unleashed by the upgrade translates into more confidence-inspiring overtaking ability.

Fuel consumption has been practically the same throughout, with an incremental improvement. In mitigation, the Avant is a family vehicle primarily, doing the office trundle every day in the worst traffic Cape Town has to offer, which hardly aids fuel consumption efficiency cycles.

Being a diesel-based performance upgrade, the quality of fuel used is a real issue in having the set-up running optimally. South Africa is a vestige of notoriously low quality diesel, and our best experience has been using the good old locally produced stuff from Sasol.

Essentially the Oettinger ECU upgrade has proved to be a painless path to better highway performance and safer overtaking urge, with no fuel-consumption penalty.

There have been no electro-mechanical faults yet, and we look forward to soon ushering in the next phase of Oettinger bits which will lower things a bit and liven up the handling.

  • Contact Oettinger: info@oettinger.co.za

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