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Stealth bomber SL63

2009-02-03 08:24
Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Carlsson
Model CK63 RS
Engine 6.2l V8
Power 448kW
Torque 705Nm
Tyres 255/30 ZR20, 305/25 Dunlop Sportmaxx
Controversial Swabian Mercedes tuner, Carlsson, has done the unspeakable and added scissor doors to the SL 63.

Always one of the oddball German tuners, Carlsson is better known for its ridiculous wheel and tyre combinations, and huge roundel badges.

For 2009 the CK63 RS features typically garish multi-spoke chrome mags, additional power, electronically controlled damping and scissor doors. Yes, scissor doors on a convertible…

Stealth bomber paint?

Perhaps the most striking aesthetic feature of the CK63 RS is its stealth titanium graphite lacquer, a matt black with so few gloss units it nearly appears carbon-fibre in texture from a distance. Developed in conjunction with varnishing experts Standox from Wuppertal (in Germany, not the Cederberg) the radical paintwork nearly offsets the criminality of those scissor doors.

Considering the CK63 RS performance potential a new lift-reducing front apron and rear diffuser  - both finished in carbon-fibre – keep airflow around the front and rear of the vehicle as stable as possible at speed.

Booming V8

Messing about with the AMG-based 6.2l V8 ECU and exhaust plumbing (whilst casually ignoring emission standards) Carlsson has managed to extract an extra 62kW and 75Nm. Power now peaks at 448kW, all naturally aspirated too.

The additional power shaves nearly half a second off the 0-100km/h sprint – now only 4.1 seconds. With 705Nm of torque available the CK63 RS passes 200km/h from standstill in 14.2 seconds before buffering against the electronic top speed limiter at 325km/h.

Beyond the questionable aesthetics, there are some rather clever handling and deceleration dynamics integrated into the CK63 RS package.

Carlsson offers its C-Tronic suspension kit, which enables driver initiated electronic damping which lowers the CK63 AMG by up to 30mm when necessary.

Hauling the Swabian supercar down from speed are 6-piston callipers clamping 398mm carbon composite brakes on the front axle, supported by quad-piston callipers grabbing 330mm discs at the rear.


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