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Overfinch's 350kW hunting wagon

2008-07-03 08:19
Overfinch Range Rover

Overfinch Range Rover

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Land Rover
Model Overfinch Country Pursuits Concept Car
Engine 4.2-litre supercharged V8
Power 350kW
Overfinch, the UK based Land Rover aftermarket specialist who elevate bespoke SUVs to an aristocratic art form, have a new Range Rover kit out.

Hailed as the original Range Rover specialists - been in business for 32 years – Overfinch might be UK based, but the company has strong German roots, predisposing them to be a quality after market tuning outfit.

If your Range Rover is not intimidating traffic to vanquish the right hand lane of the N1 quite speedily enough anymore, the ‘Country Pursuits Concept Car’ – we kid you not – package could be the answer.


Despite its ridiculous name, the technical details and tactile results are undeniably appealing. Overfinch regards the Country Pursuits Concept Car as the purists form of Range Rover aftermarket tuning yet – whatever that means.

In essence you get a Range Rover finished in thoroughly aristocratic Aubergine. The chunky SUV lines are enhanced with a GT bodykit, wheel arches are requisitely flared to accommodate the 20-inch mags, whilst the rear end treatment benefits from the addition of a roof spoiler and custom made exhausts.

Class interior

With the Range Rover interior still classed as one the greatest blending exercises of traditional materials and contemporary style, Overfinch has been careful not to spoil things by making it all black and brushed aluminium inside – a common ailment in the German tuning industry.

Instead you have an interior paying homage to many dead cows – who died not in vain, but to trim out the interior with boundless strips of Nappa leather in light Avocado hue.

Effortless performance

Ensuring you’re never late for a Polo game or Golf estate opening the 4.2-litre supercharged V8 engine has been optimised to the tune of 350kW, whilst handling benefits from a rewired air-suspension system which can raise or lower the body by 250mm whilst on move.

It all adds up to what is undoubtedly the most bespoke rendering of the original aristocrats SUV. The coolest feature though is not the body kit, men’s club interior or manic 350kW power upgrade, it’s the ‘Olive Ash’ removable gun box with three sliding drawers in the rear load bay.

So if you need a vehicle to access muddy forest terrain on an early weekend morning to hunt small mammals, your Westley Richards hunting rifles now have the perfect conveyance – and with 350kW on tap; you’ll be home for the Rugby on time too.


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